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"I have never seen a personality assessment that accurately identified my own professional skills as well as this approach does."

Ashwin Bharath
CEO Revature

"The test was straightforward and painless, and it provided me with highly valuable insight about my personality."

Brennen Eisenhut
Graduate Student, Psychology

"PersonAbilities has the potential to change our society. This is the most exciting and useful tool to be accessible to people in a long time."

Dr. Karen McKinley
EdD Higher Education Leadership

How are we different?

Data Science Meets Psychology

Researchers and psychologists agree that other systems use pseudo-science and generic traits to classify you into specific boxes. PersonAbilities is different.

Organizational Profile

  • PersonAbilities uses data science and artificial intelligence to map unique responses.
  • Beyond using research based techniques, PersonAbilities incorporates the best of all other personality systems into one comprehensive system.
  • PersonAbilities revolutionizes the personality industry by providing accurate results that can help any organization understand its employees and job candidates.


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Unlocked Insight

The data from targeted assessments can help you understand your organization on a deeper level. Want to learn more?

Backed By Science

Check out how we combine data science and psychology principles to create a revolutionary personality test.​ Want to see the difference?

How Does it Work?

How Is This Helpful?

Understanding the profile of those in your organization can help you hire for cultural fit, fill in gaps in cognitive diversity, and properly motivate those in your organization.

Why PersonAbilities?

  • Hire for psychological diversity - have a variety of perspectives and strengths in your organization
  • Cultural fit - make sure to hire those whose strengths most align with your company
  • Employee engagement - find what makes your employees click
  • Develop your people - understanding is the first step to making a plan for growth

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