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"I have never seen a personality assessment that accurately identified my own professional skills as well as this approach does."

Ashwin Bharath
CEO Revature

"I feel like PersonAbilities finally showed me what I'd been looking for when taking any other personality test. I discovered myself."

William Sant
‍‍‍Utah College Student

"PersonAbilities has the potential to change our society. This is the most exciting and useful tool to be accessible to people in a long time."

Dr. Karen McKinley
EdD Higher Education Leadership

How are we different?

Data Science Meets Psychology

Many tests will just analyze your 'overall personality' but with PersonAbilities, you can learn your specific traits in various aspects of your life.

Your Data-Backed Profile

  • Other tests use a flowchart format. PersonAbilities uses data science and artificial intelligence
  • You aren't grouped based on answering a single question differently. Every question matters, and your response leans you toward specific traits
  • More than just a personality test, we analyze your career skills, culture, temperament, and thinking patterns.


5-10 Minutes

This group of 5 minute assessments will analyze who you are in every way.  Click below to get started with our psychometric tests.

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Unlock Yourself

Our insights can help you decide what to do in your career, understand your relationship style, and figure out how you think. Want to learn more?

Backed By Science

Check out how we combine data science and psychology principles to create a revolutionary personality test.​ Want to see the difference?

How Does it Work?

How Is This Helpful?

Understanding your full personality can help you have more meaningful relationships, make good career choices, manage your mental health, and set and achieve goals that fulfill you at your core

Benefits of Knowing Yourself

  • You will have confidence in your chosen career field.
  • You will developing meaningful relationships and understand others' perspectives
  • You will know how to better promote your personal mental health
  • You will find joy by discovering who you are and where you belong.

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