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Understanding the unique skills and abilities of individuals helps you understand what drives people and how to utilize them better. It also helps individuals know where they fit in any professional environment or organization.
The Intelligence Type test is a great place to get started. Everyone is intelligent. However, we are used to judging people by their IQ. Our Intelligence test determines 24 different Types of Intelligence allowing you and others to see what you really do best. Everyone has things that they do well, including you.

Though many personality tests can feel like a glorified horoscope, PersonAbilities™ Intelligence Test dives deeper into what makes people tick. It reveals information that may not be visible at first glance. Using data science and artificial intelligence, PersonAbilities analyses responses and provides a holistic, data-driven result, not focusing on just a few pivotal questions.

Your results will astound you. Not only will you be amazed at its accuracy, but you will also learn many things about yourself including what your strengths are.

How It's Done

PersonAbilities’ Intelligence Typing system measures eight brain functions that govern executive functioning, the ability to systemise thought processes, abstract-thinking, creativity, strategic-thinking, visual-spatial acumen, normative functioning, and communication skills.

These brain functions are located in clearly defined regions of the neocortex. The Intelligence test is not based on psychological theories. The intelligence test is based on modern neuroscience and data analytics.

 PersonAbilities is committed to cutting-edge research to make our services more empirically valid than other personality and or similar system.

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Brain Functions

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The Intelligence system is categorized by Tribe, Role, and Mode. There are four Tribes and threeRoles.
This matrix formation creates 12 broad categories, which are then divided
into one of two Modes creating a total of 24 Types.


Deciders - See the big picture and make decisions
Creators - Design, create, and work with abstract ideas
Trailblazers - Strategies, dream, explore, and get things started
Integrators - Communicate, negotiate, and understand people and processes


Your Natural Part Within Any Organization

Leaders - Like to take charge and lead teams or groups
Operators - Like to make sure everything is organized and efficient
Builders - Like to ideate and create new concepts


Active - You act instinctively to external stimulus. In other words, you act before you think. In a fight or flight scenario, you fight.
Reflective -You think and process before responding. In other words, your reaction is calculated and thoughtful.In a fight or flight scenario, you take a deep breath before doing anything.

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You have probably read your type description from another personality test and felt like you were reading a horoscope. It was generic. This is the only way other systems can provide results.

They are so general that they apply to anyone even remotely associated with the type; and when you do retake the test, you come out a different type altogether. Unlike other companies and products,PersonAbilities actively uses data analytics to improve the accuracy of our tests. We are also constantly coming up with new insights and sharing them with previous test-takers on a regular basis as we learn more. 

Our questions help us identify who you truly are. The questions do not measure what you think they do, so it is difficult to second-guess your responses. You might get a different, yet very similar result from time to time, but this is likely because you have changed a bit. Old personality systems assume people are static, but we know they are not. This test allows for growth and personal development. Embrace yourself, your strengths, and your personal intelligence.You have many abilities to share with others. We are also working with independent researchers to validate the accuracy of our assessments. However, the strongest evidence for accuracy we can provide is for you to take the test yourself!


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