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Knowing your unique traits helps you understand what careers would be a good fit, how to deal with relationships, and what drives you.
Your intelligence type is a great place to get started. Similar to other personality tests, it gives you a birds eye view of how you prefer to interact with the world. Are you more active, or reflective? Are you more inclined to decision-making, or planning?
Though many personality tests can feel like a glorified horoscope, PersonAbilities Intelligence Test dives deeper into what makes you tick to reveal information about yourself that may not be visible at first glance. Using data science and artificial intelligence, PersonAbilities analyzes your questions and provides a holistic answer to your personality, not focusing on just a few pivotal questions.

The key benefit of taking the Intelligence Test is not just in the results, but in the analysis of the results in cooperation with your results from the other tests.

How It's Done

PersonAbilities’ 'Intelligence Typing System' measures 8 brain functions that govern executive control, the ability to systemize logic, abstract thinking skills, creativity, strategic thinking, visual-spatial acumen, normative functioning, and communication abilities.

These brain functions are located in clearly defined regions of the neocortex. The Intelligence test is not based on psychological theories. The intelligence test is based on modern neuroscience and data analytics.

When compared to actual MRI scans, our Intelligence Test results have always been a perfect match. PersonAbilities is confidently committed to cutting-edge research to make our services more empirically valid than other creators of personality systems.

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Brain Functions

What is this? The report says that they should look at the Personabilities website to learn about this...


Your type is broken into different sections. Your tribe, your mode, and your role. Each of these divisions separates you into one of  24 total personalities.


Interests, Passions, Motivations

Preferred Area of Comfort

Deciders - Like to think about strategy, and the bigger picture
Trailblazers - Like to get things started and try new things
Creators - Like developing new ideas and seeing them come to fruition
Integrators - Like processes and cohesion above all else


The Part You Play in Your Tribe

In your groups, where do you typically fall in your responsabilities?

Leaders - Like to take charge and lead the team
Operators - Like to make sure things are organized and efficient
Builders - Like to construct, develop, and get hands on in laying the groundwork


External or Internal

Your mode represents whether your first response to a stimulus is to react externally or process internally.

Active - Do you prefer to get things started, move ahead, interact with others, and experience strong physical emotion?
Reflective - Do you prefer to pause and think, read and wonder, and experience intellectual stimulation?

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Many simple personality tests are roughly 80% accurate. You’ve probably read a description from another personality test and it felt like reading a horoscope – generic.

PersonAbilities is now at about 98% accuracy (percentage of respondents who believe that the test is accurate). We actively use data analytics to improve the accuracy of our tests. We are also constantly coming up with new insights and sharing them with previous test-takers on a regular basis as we learn more

Many personality tests struggle to reach 50% test retake reliability (the test giving you the same results multiple times in a row). We are currently at around 80% reliability, with most of the remaining 20% being minor changes that could be attributed to normal fluctuations in personality. We are also working with independent researchers to validate the accuracy of our assessments. However, the strongest evidence for accuracy we can provide is for you to take the test yourself!


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