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How Does Our Model Work


Unlike other personality systems, PersonAbilities works with data science and artificial intelligence to connect you with your unique Intelligence, Culture, Temperament, and Neuro Types. Together, these four outcomes will give you a more complete picture of your personality.

There is some overlap between the tests, but that is the way we have designed the entire system. Our model creates validity and uniqueness.

Unlike most systems where you are one of four or perhaps 12 results, PersonAbilities actually produces hundreds of different unique outcomes when all four tests are taken.

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Intelligence Test


The Intelligence Test is a new way of understanding your abilities. Unlike a traditional IQ test, this test discovers what your naturally are good at. All people have gifts, and this test will uncover yours.

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Did you know that you can get an accurate measure of your culture and values? With the PersonAbilities Culture Test, you can find out what your personal culture and values are and see how they compare to those around you. Community begins with seeing how others see.

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The Temperament assessment measures what others see in us at first glance. It takes into account traits and characteristics that form our general vibe or personality. If one test could be termed a personality test, it would be this one.

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Our Neuro Type test measures how we process information. It helps us understand why we think the way we do. It is useful in understanding how we look at problems, solve day-to-day challenges, and process stimuli. This test gives us insight into our neurological strengths and weaknesses.

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The Difference

PersonAbilities has a holistic understanding of personality. After significant neuroscience and industrial psychology research, we discovered four distinct parts to each person’s personality: Intelligence Type, Cultural Type, Temperament Type, and Neurological Type. These are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.

We then evaluated hundreds of personality tests from academic institutions, professional organizations, and organizational thought leaders to find which of them best assessed these components. Since no existing system adequately measured all four, we decided to make our own. PersonAbilities will match, if not surpass, any feature found in any other system.

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Intelligence Test


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