Our Model

How Does Our Model Work

Unlike other personality systems, PersonAbilities™ works with data science and artificial intelligence to match you with the correct personality, culture, temperament, and thought processing types. These types work together to create what makes you, you!

The Different Tests

There are four tests: Intelligence, Culture, Temperament, and Neuro. Each one reveals different information about your unique personality.

Why Four?

Though there can be a nearly infinite number of tests, we have broken down your personality into four categories. Your intelligence (what other tests often measure), your culture, your temperament, and your neural processing. Each one of these tests measures a completely different aspect of who you are.

Of course, many of the attributes between sections overlap, and that is a good thing. Often, your culture and thought processing directly relate to how you react to the world. The overlap should actually be comforting, because you can see how all the different parts of you make up your whole personality.

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Intelligence Test


Much like other personality tests, the PersonAbilities Intelligence Test measures how you respond to social situations, your preferred work environment, and your role within a specific group. This is often the first test that people take.

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Did you know that you can get an accurate measure of your culture and values? With the PersonAbilities Culture Test, find out your personal values and see how they compare to those around you. Community understanding begins with seeing legitimacy in others values, and the culture test is here to help in that understanding.

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We often hear about a personality test, but we don't often measure our ability to respond to our surroundings. The temperament test measures more than just your ability to control yourself, but measures how you respond to your external forces. This test is coming soon.

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Neural Processing

Everyone has different ways of solving their problems, and the PersonAbilities Neural Processing test measures just that. You can find how you solve problems, and use that to your advantage when planning or working in a group. It can also reveal which mental illness you are most susceptible to. This test is coming soon.

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The Difference

PersonAbilities has a holistic understanding of personality. After significant neuroscience and industrial psychology research, we discovered 4 distinct parts to each person’s personality: intelligence type, cultural type, temperament type, and psychological type. These are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.

We then evaluated hundreds of personality tests from academic institutions, professional organizations, and organizational thought leaders to find which of them best assessed these components. Since no existing system adequately measured all four, we decided to make our own. Personabilities will match, if not surpass, any feature found in any other system.

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Intelligence Test


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