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Temperament is the most obvious part of our personality. It is the vibe people give off at first glance. Are you bubbly? Are you open? Are you easy-going? These are characteristics of your Temperament. By understanding Temperament, we can appreciate others for who they are.
The Temperament test measures our outward personality. Temperament is the most studied aspect of personality theory.

Other familiar personality tests are really trying to measure Temperament. However, you will find that our test is unique.We measure hundreds of traits to paint a complete picture of your personality.

Additionally, we combine those traits with the work of psychologists to create our system, which is divided into 12 Types with two Subtypes per Type creating 24 unique outcomes. 

How It's Done

Personabilities’ 'Cultural Typing System' measures 8 brain functions that ...

How It's Done

PersonAbilities Temperament Typing system measures how we present ourselves to others.  It is the outer layer of our personality. It is the energy and vibe that we give off. It is what other systems call our“personality.” Our system is divided into four quadrants with three Alignments and two Subtypes. This four by three matrix gives us 12 Types. The further division of the Subtypes allows us to offer 24 unique Temperaments.

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How you act toward and are seen by others

Respecter - is known for being compassionate, empathetic, and congenial towards the human family.
Animator - is known for being optimistic, energetic, enlivening, and being encouraging towards others.
Igniter - is known for fueling excitement, motivation and passion into others.
Sustainer - is known for being supportive and helpful toward others.


The nature of your response towards others

Free -is focused on authenticity and self-determination. They are not impacted by what others think of their ideas or activities. They follow their heart.
Insider - uses a personal perspective to help guide decisions and actions. They know how to set personal boundaries and appropriately manage self-care.
Adaptive -are highly attuned to others and will adapt their behavior to fit in with those around them. This also means that they know what others want and are responsive when the need arises.


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