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This means that we can understand what other people are thinking and feeling around us. As highly social beings, we have to have a clue what’s going on in each other’s head. We do this through temperament.
The PersonAbilities™ Temperament Test is unlike any other test available.

Temperament is by far the most studied aspect of personality theory. When most people think of personality they normally only think about temperament. They forget or may not know that our intelligence, culture, and neurology all have important influences over our personality.

Personabilities measures these traits and hundreds of others to paint a complete picture of one’s entire personality. We have also utilized the work of other psychologists to create a new system of understanding temperament with four quadrants, three alignments, and 12 distinct types. 

How It's Done

Personabilities’ 'Cultural Typing System' measures 8 brain functions that ...

How It's Done

PersonAbilities’ "Temperament Typing System" measures how we present ourselves to others. It’s the outer layer of our personality. It’s the energy and vibes that we give off. Temperament is the pattern of emotions that we portray to others.

The four Quadrants measure two broad spectrums that explain several different cultural differences. These spectrums are Sustainer vs Animator and Exciter vs Respecter. Your alignment is what differentiates you from others in your quadrant.

It might be hard to quickly grasp someone’s personal values, intelligence, or inner psychology, but it can be very easy to see another’s temperament. Everyone has a distinct temperament that they use to give powerful messages to those in their world. Even socially intelligent animals like dolphins and dogs pick up on our temperament. Every book has a cover and every person has a temperament.

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Your type is broken into different sections. Your quadrant and your focus. Each of these divisions separates you into one of  12 total personalities.


How you act toward and are seen by others

Respecter - is known for being compassionate, empathetic, and congenial towards the human family.
Animator - is known for being optimistic, energetic, enlivening, and being encouraging towards others.
Igniter - is known for fueling excitement, motivation, and passion into others.
Sustainer - is known for being supportive in its behavior towards others. Sustainers are often highly mature people who take on a great amount of responsibility


The nature of your response towards others

Free - is focused on self-differentiation. Free types need to be a unique individual and will often ignore the feelings of others. Free people don’t care what other people think of them.
Insider - is focused on aiming their individual energy on their self as opposed to others. This does not mean that they are selfish, this means that they hone in on their own individual wants for their personal self-care and mental survival.
Adaptive - is focused on being responsive to the social needs of other people. Adaptive types often have a higher social intelligence than other types of each quadrant. They are highly responsive individuals who appropriately react to things as they come up.


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