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Knowing your culture helps you understand why you have certain traditions, values, and beliefs. It also explains why you do things a certain way. As you learn more about your own culture and the culture of others, you begin to appreciate people for who they are and can have more tolerance and understanding in professional and personal relationships.
The PersonAbilities Culture Test is unlike any other test available. It identifies your personal culture, which is made up of values and a variety of other characteristics. These identifiers are separated into Quadrants and Focuses. For example, do you thrive more in a hierarchical work place environment or do you prefer more autonomy?

Understanding your own culture is important. It can help you see why you do things and interact with others the way you do. It also allows you to see why other people’s values are important. No value system is necessarily wrong; it’s just different.

One of the key reasons for taking the Culture Test is because it is another piece of your puzzle. After taking all four assessments, you will have a clearer idea of your unique self.

How It's Done

Personabilities’ 'Cultural Typing System' measures 8 brain functions that ...

How It's Done

PersonAbilities Culture Typing system measures over 80 cultural aspects. Certain cultural traits are correlated with other ones. These groups are then organized into our model, which is comprised of 12 Culture Types.

The four Quadrants measure four large categories: Strong, Humane, Autonomous, and Synergistic. No trait is negative or undesirable, and no trait is mutually exclusive. We all have a bit of many things in us. Within each Quadrant are three different Focuses. These categories further differentiate who you are.The Focuses are Warm, Professional and Refined.

Certain Culture Types are more predominant in certain parts of the world than others. For example, the United States is typically more autonomous than most countries. However, each and every Culture Type can be found anywhere. Just because you live in a certain country doesn't mean you are limited to a specific type.


  The Culture system is categorised by Quadrant and Focus. There are four Quadrants and three Focuses. This matrix formation creates 12 Types. Your Type is also further personalized by Subtype, which lets you know if you are Precise or Relaxed.


Autonomous - Strong emphasis on personal freedoms and individualism
Humane - Strong emphasis on equity and fairness
Synergistic - Strong emphasis on community and common good
Strong - Strong emphasis on hard work and perseverance


Warm -Exhibit traits of personAbility, friendliness and openness
Professional -Exhibit traits of efficiency, capability and responsibility
Refined - Exhibit traits of dignity, respect and appropriateness


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