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Knowing your unique values helps you understand why you believe what you believe. Getting a full understanding of different values also helps build relationships among groups that have different beliefs.
The PersonAbilities™ Culture Test is unlike any other test available. It focuses on identifying your specific values based on a variety of characteristics. These characteristics are broken up into Quadrants and Focuses. Are you more inclined toward being open towards others? Or closed off? Are you focused on the community, or the individual?

Understanding your own values is great, and can help you come to conclusions about how you believe society should behave. This test should also reveal how other values are important too. No value system is necessarily wrong, they are just different!
The key benefit of taking the Culture Test is not just in the results, but in the analysis of the results in cooperation with your results from the other tests.

How It's Done

Personabilities’ 'Cultural Typing System' measures 8 brain functions that ...

How It's Done

PersonAbilities’ 'Culture Typing System' measures over 80 cultural dimensions. Certain cultural traits are correlated with other ones and make broad groupings to help create different cultural archetypes.

The four Quadrants measure two broad spectrums that explain several different cultural differences. These spectrums are Strength vs Humane and Autonomous vs Synergistic. Your focus is what differentiates you from others in your quadrant.

Certain Culture Types are more predominant in certain parts of the world than others. For example, the United States is typically more autonomous than most countries. However, each and every Culture Type can be found anywhere. Just because you live in a certain country doesn't mean you are limited to a specific type.

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Your type is broken into different sections. Your quadrant and your focus. Each of these divisions separates you into one of  12 total personalities.


Interests, Passions, Motivations

Preferred Area of Comfort

Autonomous - Value personal freedom and individualism
Humane - Value doing good to others and giving of oneself
Synergistic - Value the collective above the individual
Strong - Value strength and ambition above all else


How you treat others

Warm - treat others like friends and family, often developing deep, emotional relationships with others
Professional - treat others transactionally, and with a focus on accomplishing something
Refined - treat others, including strangers, with respect and dignity


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