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Neuro Types are the general instinctive patterns, psychological functions, and human observations that we digest from our environment. Simply put it’s how we digest information.
The PersonAbilities Neuro test is unlike any other test available. It measures how we observe the world.

Neuro Types demonstrate our trains of thought, our fears, our motivations, and our patterns about how we think. Neuro Types are the different hardware types of the mind.
We measure hundreds of different inputs to understand how we think. These traits are divided into four large Quaternities which in turn are divided into three Bearings.

This four by three matrix systems produces 12 key Neuro Types, which separated into two Subtypes creates 24 unique outcomes.

How It's Done

PersonAbilities Neuro Typing system measure show we interpret information. Our neurology gives us specific information directly from our nervous system.

The Quaternities measure four large areas of traits including analysis, discernment, realizing and idealizing. Then the Bearings further categorizes you by the framework whereby you judge and process stimuli and other data.

The Intelligence Type deals with specific capabilities that we have acquired and naturally possess. It is the operating system of the mind. The Culture Type is our values and beliefs. It is our software. Our Temperament Type is our outward behaviour vibe. It is the packaging. Our Neuro Type is our hardware. It is how we process information.

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Discerners - are made up of individuals who prefer to see the world from a detached perspective. They focus on being uninfluenced by the intellectual norms of society.
Idealists - are made up of individuals who process the world through the lens of their values and emotions.
Analyzers - are made up of people who’re very connected to their instincts. They are sensory individuals who may prefer to gather information that relates to tangible reality.
Realists - are made up by people who’re directly linked to the world of everyday society. Their minds organize information to help them function to the best of their ability.


Major - is focused on active psychological states. This energy makes things happen through a positive mental force. It relies on a very unconscious flow of energy.
Neutral - is focused on a symmetrical psychological state. It incorporates features of both the Major and Minor Bearings while striving to be more abstract and detached in its processing
Minor - is focused on passive psychological states. It takes a longer amount of time to process sensory and intellectual perceptions.


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