Adventurer, Sparkling, Mover
What does this mean?
They are known for being optimistic, energetic, enlivening, and encouraging towards others. Animators open up new experiences through their interactions with others.

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Brain Functions

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Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your alignment in each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Animator quadrant.


Free - Adventurer - are among the most explorative of people. They have quick and powerful personalities that love to explore different possibilities.
Insider - Mover - know how to motivate others in very animated ways. They truly are the movers and the shakers of the world.personal autonomy and the traditions that protect it.
Adaptive - Sparkling - are wonderful and deeply expressive individuals that quickly see other people’s potential. Sparklings enjoy trusting other people because they want to build quick rapport to make their world a more positive place.

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