Contenders, Pragmatists, Standards
What does this mean?
The Realist quadrant is formed by people who’re directly linked to the world of everyday society. Their minds organize information to help them function to the best of their ability.

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Brain Functions

What is this? The report says that they should look at the Personabilities website to learn about this...


Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your bearing in each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Realist quadrant.


Major - Contenders - They believe that life is a game and that they are going to be the winners. They are naturally very competitive people who know how to take charge of their environment.
Neutral - Pragmatists - They care about results. They are the most realistic of people. They see everything through a no nonsense approach to life. They are very efficient people and know how to get a lot of things done in their lives
Minor - Standards - They are the supporting benchmark of society. They have a deep understanding of how teams work together, organizations thrive, and how communities can grow. They have strong standards for themselves and others.

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