Theorists, Metaphysicists, Substantials
What does this mean?
The Discerner quadrant is made up by individuals who prefer to see the world from a detached perspective. They focus on being uninfluenced by the intellectual norms of society.

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Brain Functions

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Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your bearing in each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Discerner quadrant.


Major - Substantials - They always want to get to the bottom of things. They frequently ask themselves ‘why?’ whenever they see anything that doesn’t make sense.
Neutral - Metaphysicists - They see the world in radically unique ways. They are known for their incredible discernment, premonitions, intuition, and inspiration.
Minor - Theorists - They are highly abstract thinkers who easily come up with hypotheses that explain their world around them. They are among the most introspective of people and are usually highly intelligent as well.

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