Experiencers, Divergents, Systemizers
What does this mean?
The Analyzer quadrant is formed by people who’re very connected to their instincts. They are sensory individuals who may prefer to gather information that relates to tangible reality.

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Brain Functions

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Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your bearing in each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Analyzer quadrant.


Major - Experiencers - They live life through experience. They are very much at home in their bodies and are very instinctual people. Everything should happen through hands-on learning.
Neutral - Divergents - They are master ideators; they never run out of ideas. They are inherently good at divergent thinking, meaning that they are able to have many different possibilities in their head
Minor - Systemizers - They are the most analytical of people. They view the world in terms of raw data, numbers, and systems. They are very mechanical thinkers who always think of the world in terms of the sum of its parts.

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