Maestro, Administrator, Firebrand, Confidant, Diplomat, Negotiator
What does this mean?
Integrators excel at streamlining processes that involve systems and people. They are conscientious and agreeable and can influence people by using their exceptional interpersonal skills.

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Brain Functions

What is this? The report says that they should look at the Personabilities website to learn about this...


Your tribe is broken into different sections. Your your mode, and your role. Each of these divisions separates you into one of 6 regions of the Integrator tribe.


The Part You Play in Your Tribe

In your groups, where do you typically fall in your responsabilities?

Leaders - Maestro/Administrator- Operative leaders often find these managing operations in a group or company.
Operators - Diplomat/Negotiator - Integrative operators enjoy finding compromise, and making things happen.
Builders - Firebrand/Confidant - An integrative builder utilizes their creative strength to find ways to promote cohesion.


External or Internal

Your mode represents whether your first response to a stimulus is to react externally or process internally.

Active - Maestro/Diplomat/Firebrand - These will take an integrative approach and run with it, preferring action to planning.
Reflective - Administrator/Negotiator/Confidant - Though not opposed to action, these reflective integrators prefer to deliberate and plan before acting.

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