Field Marshal, Analyst, Commander, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Visionary
What does this mean?
Deciders are typically objective and analytical in their thinking. They can almost effortlessly make clear decisions about data, facts, people, and systems. They are often big picture thinkers who come to conclusions easily.

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Brain Functions

What is this? The report says that they should look at the Personabilities website to learn about this...


Your tribe is broken into different sections. Your your mode, and your role. Each of these divisions separates you into one of 6 regions of the Decider tribe.


The Part You Play in Your Tribe

In your groups, where do you typically fall in your responsabilities?

Leaders - Commander/Chairman- You'll often find these leading groups and companies by managing others.
Operators - Field Marshal/Analyst - You'll often find these determining the best decisions to make.
Builders - Entrepreneur/Visionary - You'lll find these building complex ideas with decisiveness.


External or Internal

Your mode represents whether your first response to a stimulus is to react externally or process internally.

Active - Commander/Field Marshal/Entrepreneur - These will take a thought and run with it, preferring action to planning.
Reflective - Chairman/Analyst/Visionary - Though not opposed to action, these reflective deciders prefer to deliberate and plan before acting.

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