Communal, Cooperative, Noble
What does this mean?
They care about the collective well-being of everyone. They view the group as, typically, more important that the individual. If a person can make a sacrifice for a group's well-being, it is generally viewed positively.

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Brain Functions

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Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your Focus Each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Synergistic quadrant.


How You Interact with Others

Warm - Communal - The community is everything and individuals are viewed only through their relationships with others. Everyone is part of a large network of extended family, neighbors, and friends that all help each other out through every stage of life.
Refined - Noble - view things holistically. Everything is part of a greater whole. Family traditions, connections, and personal relationships determine everything in one’s life. Individual sacrifice to the community is highly honored.
Professional - Cooperative - They care about team work and strive for every member of the community to accomplish their goals. Cooperatives are excellent at sharing resources and creating cohesion among others to build things. They easily trust those who they see as having similar values.

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