Vibrant, Valiant, Ambitious
What does this mean?
Strong types care about exhibiting and exuding strength. They are known for being action-oriented, motivated, real, and authentic. They typically value merit-based social systems. In these cultures, people are expected to work hard and pull their share.

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Brain Functions

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Your quadrant is broken into different sections. Your Focus Each of these divisions separates you into one of 3 regions of the Strong quadrant.


How You Interact with Others

Warm - Vibrant - They are known for their power, passion, and zest for life. Vibrant Cultures depend on deep honor and respect for traditions. Everyone knowns their place and strives to do what’s expected of them. They treat people close to them like family and have very high expectations for those that they love. Everyone is expected to work hard and contribute to their families.
Refined - Valiant - They are known for their time-honored traditions. Respect, rank, and authority are valued strongly. Hierarchies are crucial. They are known for their high level of integrity and their ethical codes of conduct. Valiant Cultures are patriotic, responsible, heroic, and chivalrous.
Professional - Ambitious - They’re known for being action oriented. Ambitious people are motivated, real, authentic, and just ‘say it as it is’. They highly value meritocracy and want to make sure that everyone has opportunities to grow by exerting their selves. They’re quite traditional as well and often care about family values.

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